Dog Friendly hotels in St. Petersburg

We have great news for our guests! Station L1 hotel is now open to guests with
dogs — small and fancy breeds of dogs up to shoulder height of 35 cm and not more than 15 kilograms.

We care about the comfort of all our guests so we offer a limited number of rooms for living with animals. However, there is enough space to accommodate everyone.

The rooms for guests with pets are cleaned especially meticulously and with special tools.

We look forward to meet the owners of pets, but please read the “Rules of Accommodation with Pets” in our hotels and follow them when you are at the hotel territory:

  • The cost for pets’ accommodation is 1000 rubles per day.
  • Upon check-in we will ask you to pay a deposit of 5000 rubles, which will return to you in case your pet does not leave any damage behind. Upon check-in we will offer you to sign the «Rules of Accommodation with Pets».
  • We will ask you to additionally pay damage cost to other guests or hotel staff for property damage if it occurs.
  • Upon check-in you will receive a special door hanger, which you will be asked to use if you leave your hotel room with your pet inside unattended.
  • We ask you not to leave pets unattended in the lobby or in the halls.
  • If the pet behaves aggressively towards the guests and hotel staff, we will not be able to allow the pet stay at the hotel.
  • We ask you to bring a pet rug and food bowl to the hotel, as well as all necessary things for the pet and his or her favorite toys. Dishes, towels, bed linens, showers and plumbing in the hotel are only for people.
  • We try to maintain cleanliness in our city and hope for your contribution. The hotel’s courtyards are not suitable for walking with animals. A convenient place for a walk is nearby. Please bring a hygiene package with you and leave the place clean.

Thank you for your understanding!

We are waiting for you to visit with your lovely pets. To reserve a room and a pet service, you can call the reservation service +7 (812) 748-20-77 or use the hotel’s e-mail: Station L1 (