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Dear Guest, you are on the official site of LLC «Station»: LLC «Station» is the managing organization of the hotels belonging to the group of companies making up the «Station Hotels» Chain (hereinafter: Hotel chain «Station», Station Hotels, «Station», «We» or «Us»).

Station Hotels cherish the trust of its guests and understands the importance of confidentiality of personal information provided by the Guests.

The Station Hotels guarantees that the personal data received from the Guests is processed in accordance with and in order to comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law «On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection» No. 149-FZ on July 27, 2006, the law «On Personal Data» No. 152-FZ on 27.07.2006, the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 687, 781, etc., the law on migration registration and other regulatory legal acts, ensuring the safety of the hotel property and obtaining hotel services; with the use of all necessary organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of personal data within the competence of the hotel, in order to avoid any changes, loss, illegal use and unauthorized access.

The Hotel chain «Station» is responsible for the proper confidential treatment of the Guest’s personal data transmitted in particular when booking rooms, other services provided on our website ( with the use of the Internet.

When processing personal data, the following principles are strictly observed:

  • Personal data processing that is incompatible with the purposes of collecting personal data is not allowed;
  • Processing of personal data that does not meet the processing objectives is not allowed. The content and composition of the processed personal data corresponds to the stated processing objectives;
  • When processing personal data, accuracy, sufficiency, and, if necessary, the relevance of personal data;
  • Personal data is stored on secure servers no longer than for the purposes of personal data processing required by the federal laws and contracts whose beneficiary or guarantor is the subject of personal data;
  • Processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the principles and rules stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Personal data is a confidential, strictly protected information, and is a subject to all requirements established by the Federal Law «On Protection of Confidential Information.»

Use of the website for the room reservation and other services.

On the site there is an opportunity to sign-up for the upcoming events.

The guest expresses his or her voluntary consent to receive information about the events held, as well as to receive news from the group of our companies. Consent is confirmed by entering the following data:

  • First name
  • Phone number and/or Email

The information received is used for the following purposes:

  • Name — for personal reference to the Guest
  • Phone number — for possible contact to inform about changes in time and place of the events
  • Email — for sending to the Guest the letters containing news about the events, as well as offers to take part in marketing research, useful materials on the proposals of the Hotel chain «Station»

The guest provides his or her data voluntarily. After that, a letter is sent to the indicated e-mail address, with confirmation of registration and detailed information on the selected services / activities.

We make sure that the Guest can use our website without specifying any information about him or her, i.e. anonymous viewing of the offers of the Hotel chain «Station» is possible.

Guests can get information about prices, description of hotels included in the chain and the services provided, view our special offers.

To successfully book a room on certain dates by the Guest, contact details will be required that allow the employees of the selected Hotel to send confirmation in return, and then the Guest confidently take advantage of the services provided.

In case of reservation, the following information is stored: name and address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of reservation, time of arrival and departure, citizenship, and «additional information for the hotel» (if it was provided). Also, the moment of booking and the IP address from which the reservation is made are recorded.

In order to provide accommodation services, your data is used to uniquely identify your booking, execution and payments for it. In addition to your reservation confirmation, it is possible for you to receive all changes to your bookings or your data.

At the time of arrival and registration at the hotel, the Guest signs consent to use of personal data for specific limited purposes. After leaving the hotel and with the consent of the Guest, the latter will be able to receive and use to his or her advantage special hotel offers, as well as services provided by the Hotel chain “Station”.

The Hotel chain «Station» will only use the provided email address or telephone number and inform the Guest only of their own offers. Without giving your consent, the guest will not be able to receive information about the favorable prices for the services and promotions of the «Station» hotels on the Web. At any time, these actions on the part of the Hotel chain «Station» may be suspended on the basis of a written application from the Guest about the termination of processing of his or her personal data from the date of application receipt by the hotel.

To prevent unauthorized access to personal data of the Hotel chain «Station» the following organizational and technical measures are applied:

  • appointment of the officials responsible for organizing the processing and protection of personal data;
  • restriction on the number of persons admitted to the processing of personal data;
  • person’s acquaintance with the requirements of federal legislation and regulatory documents on the processing and protection of personal data;
  • organization of storage and circulation of media containing information with personal data;
  • Identification of threats to the security of personal data during processing, exploring the models based on threats;
  • development of a personal data protection system based on the threat models;
  • registration and recording of actions of users of information systems of personal data;
  • use of anti-virus tools and software to restore the protection of personal data;
  • application of firewalls, intrusion detection, security analysis and cryptographic protection of information, if necessary.

Data transfer to the third parties

The Hotel chain «Station» does not store, sell or transfer to third parties the personal data of the Guests without the consent of the personal data owner.

With the consent of the Guest, the Station Hotel chain is entitled to transfer the received data to service providers, for example, the hotel, airlines, car rental companies and event organizers, who provide services to the guests upon the Guest’s requests.

In cases where services are provided by third parties, the Hotel chain «Station» informs the Guest of this. In this regard, the Hotel chain «Station» recommends the Guest to familiarize themselves with the policy of confidentiality of suppliers, whose services and products are purchased on the site Please note that these providers can also contact you for more information, to simplify the booking procedure or in order to respond to the feedback you have left.

We can send anonymous feedback to service providers, but the authors’ names are revealed only if the Guest has directly expressed his or her agreement with this. We are not responsible for the fact that the employees of the company that provided services can find out Guest’s identity from the content of the response and subsequently contact the Guest directly.

We may, with your consent, transfer personal data to the following persons:

  • Third-party providers that deliver services on behalf of the Station Hotel chain, including credit card transactions, business analysis, customer service, marketing, surveys or lotteries, and fraud prevention. The Hotel chain «Station» may authorize third-party suppliers to collect information on its behalf, including information necessary for the operation of certain functions of our site or for displaying targeted online advertising that is in the best interest of the Guest. The front-line suppliers can collect only the information that is necessary to fulfill their functions, while they are prohibited from transmitting the received information or use for other purposes. They are also required to use the same data protection methods that we ourselves adhere to. Please take into account that such third-party suppliers may be located in the countries where the level of protection of your personal data is lower than in the country where the Guest lives. However, for his or her sake, the Hotel chain «Station» will make every effort to protect personal data in accordance with the highest standards of information security.
  • Business partners whose products or services are offered on our website. You can always determine whether a third party participates in the provision of products or services, because the name of the relevant company will be indicated independently or together with our company. If the Guest chooses the appropriate optional services, the Hotel chain «Station» can transfer Guest’s data to the partners, including personal information. Please note that the Hotel chain «Station» does not control the privacy policy of such third-party partners.
  • Sites from which you go to our website (for example, through a link). The Hotel chain «Station» can provide some information about the Guest to such websites that sent the Guest to our site. The hotel chain «Station» recommends that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of the website from which the guest moved to the website of the Hotel chain «Station».
  • Companies within our group. We can transfer your personal data to our affiliated companies within the Hotel chain «Station». This allows us to provide you, with your consent, with information about products and services, both tourist and other that might interest you.They also undertake to comply with the applicable laws governing the distribution of advertising, and, at a minimum, provide you with every advertising letter the opportunity to refuse all subsequent mailings.
  • To other persons, in cases where the provision of information is a special obligation in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

Except for the cases listed above, the Guest will be informed of the disclosure of personal data to third parties and the Guest will be given the opportunity to prevent such disclosure.

In addition, the Hotel chain «Station» has the right to transfer generalized and anonymous information to third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, we can tell our advertisers the number of visitors on our website or the most popular hotels and destinations. Such information does not contain personal data and is used to develop content and services that we believe will be useful to you.

Respect for personal information is a part of the corporate philosophy of the Hotel chain «Station».

Cookies policy

Cookies are a part of the data stored on the user’s computer, tied to user information.

These data serve to collect information about the actions of visitors on the site, to improve the quality of its content and capabilities.

The use of cookies is not related to any personal information, in contrast to the information on the site. We use both permanent and session cookies. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close the browser. Permanent cookies are a small text file that is stored on the user’s hard drive. They can be deleted by following the instructions of your browser.

At any time, the Guest can change the settings in the settings menu of his or her browser so that the browser no longer stores all the cookies, and also notifies him or her about sending out the cookies. It should be noted that in this case, some services and functions may stop functioning correctly.

The Guest’s right to receive information.

In accordance with the Federal Law «On Personal Data», the Guest is entitled to receive information about personal stored data, and, if necessary, the right to adjust, block or delete this data.

To access information, ask questions about our privacy policies, change your preferences for receiving promotional materials or file a complaint, please contact us:

8 (812) 748-20-77,

Legal address:  191180, St. Petersburg, Gorohovaya str. 73, lit. A, pom. 2N

Our office address: 199178, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospekt. V.O., d. 80, Lit. Р, Senator Business Centre, office 609

While processing any personal written requests, we guarantee the confidentiality of the information you provide.