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The owner of the website, including the section (hereinafter referred to as  «Website») is the managing organization Limited Liability Company «Stantsiya», a member of the group of companies , which make up the «Stantsiya» Hotel Network (hereinafter referred to as LLC «Stantsiya», «Stantsiya» Hotels, «Station», Station Hotels, Station Hotels chain, the Hotel chain «Stantsiya», «We», «Ourselves», «Us»).

The data controller of this Website is the Limited Liability Company «Stantsiya». Required information and contact details:

  • OGRN: 1147847138548
  • TIN: 7838504369
  • Legal address: 191180, St. Petersburg, Gorohovaya str. 73, lit. A, pom. 2N
  • Postal address of the central office: 199106, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospekt. V.O., d. 80, Lit. Р, Senator Business Centre, office 609
  • Phone: +78127482077

A full list of companies in the hotels chain «Station», their contact information and details you can find on the page —

The data controllers of this Website are:

  • Limited Liability Company «Stantsiya»,
  • Limited Liability Company «Travel Line Group»,
  • Limited Liability Company TRAVEL LINE PRO.

Data Processing Agreement

By using the website (including the section, and leaving your data by filling in forms, and also by using any of our products or services, you:

  • join this Data Processing Agreement;
  • confirm that all the data you specify is yours;
  • confirm and acknowledge that you have carefully read the Agreement and the Terms of processing your personal data that you provide by filling in forms; the text of the agreement and the terms of processing of personal data are clear to you;
  • give consent to the processing of your personal data provided as information;
  • you agree to the terms of processing your personal data.

Your agreement is accepted for processing the following personal data:

  • Full Name;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Citizenship;
  • Passport details;
  • Place of registration and permanent stay (country, city, province, address);
  • Phone numbers;
  • E-mail addresses;
  • Place of work;
  • Cookies;
  • Information about your IP-address;
  • Information about your location;
  • Information how you were transferred to the Website.

Under this agreement, you grant LLC «Stantsiya» the right to perform the following actions (operations) with personal data:

  • collecting and storing;
  • storing, within the timeframe for keeping records, established by regulatory documents, but not less than three years from the use of services expiry date;
  • clarification (updating, adjustment);
  • use;
  • delete;
  • depersonalization;
  • disclosure of information by the court request (including third parties, subject to protection of personal data from unauthorized access).

The objectives of collecting and processing personal data:

  • service provision  described on the Website;
  • providing personalized offers;
  • marketing research.

Collecting, storing and processing of personal data that we request from you in the course of using the website is mandatory and required so that we can provide you with the services described on the website.

In order to provide accommodation services, your data is used to uniquely identify your booking, its execution and payments. In addition to confirming your reservation, it is possible for you to receive all changes to your bookings or your data.

At the time of arrival and registration at the hotel, the Guest signs consent to the use of personal data for specific limited purposes. After leaving the hotel and with the consent of the Guest, the latter will be able to receive and use to his advantage special hotel offers, as well as services provided by the Station Hotels chain.

The hotel chain «Stantsiya» will only use the provided email address or telephone number and inform the Guest only of their personalized offers. Without giving the consent, the guest will not be able to receive information about the best prices for the services and promotions of the «Stantsiya» Hotels on the Internet. At any time, these actions on the part of the Station Hotels chain may be suspended on the basis of a written application from the Guest about the termination of the processing of the personal data of the Guest from the date of receipt of such application by the hotel.

Who do we disclose your information to?

Station Hotels chain does not sell or transfer to third parties the personal data of the Guest without the consent of the Guest.

With the consent of the Guest, Station Hotels chain is entitled to transfer the received data to service providers, for example, the hotel, airlines, car rental companies and event organizers, who provide services to the guests upon the Guest’s requests.

Term of the Agreement

Your Consent is valid from the moment of submission of data and can be withdrawn by submitting an application to the administration of the Website with the data specified in article 14 of the Law «On Personal Data».

LLC «Stantsiya» has the right to amend this Agreement. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its placement, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Agreement.

How to recall the Consent to personal data processing?

The withdrawal of the Consent to personal data processing may be carried out by sending the User a corresponding order in a simple written form to the e-mail address (e-mail)

Cookies and other technologies

Other ways we may collect data

Like many other websites, our Website can use «Cookies» or «Other Technologies» (for example, beacons, tags, scripts and unique codes used in apps, «clear GIFs», links in e-mail messages, JavaScript or other similar technologies). Cookies and Other technologies allow us and third-party companies to receive information about your visits to the Website, including the analysis of the trends of your visits. We use this information to process your bookings or inquiries, as well as to provide interactive and mobile advertisements, messages and content in accordance with your interests.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device («Device») when you visit a website. Cookies alone can not be used to identify your identity, although in some cases we can combine the Station Hotels cookies or third-party cookies with personal information that you provided to us or information about you that we received from others sources. Cookies are widely used on the Website to improve your experience.

For example, we will use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Storing your username and password for future visits in order to simplify and speed up logging in;
  • Your language choice and other preferences;
  • Confirmation that you are receiving all necessary information;
  • Providing secure and reliable service to online transactions;
  • Tracking your reaction to advertising and the content of a website or application to analyze and determine the frequency of sending you the same advertisement;
  • Determine the number of visitors to the Website, and how visitors use the Website so that we can support websites’ quick and efficient operation, as well as assist in providing information and content that fits your interests and location.

The various types of cookies that can be used on the Website are described below:

  • Basic cookies. Basic cookies are necessary for the operation of the Website and allow you to use its services and capabilities. Disabling these cookies can make services and features unavailable.
  • Functional cookies. We use Functional cookies to save your settings on the Website, such as language preferences or booking information that you previously used when booking our hotel. We also use Functional cookies to store information such as the last hotel you were looking for so you can easily find it during your next visit. Some Functional cookies are required to view maps or videos on our Website. We also use a «flash cookie» for certain animated content.
  • Session cookies. Cookies of this type are stored temporarily, only during a browsing session, and will be removed from the Device when the browser is closed. We use Session cookies to support the functionality of the Website and get an idea of ​​your preferences in using the Website, that is, what pages you visit, which links you use and how much time you spend on each page.
  • Permanent cookies. Cookies of this type are not deleted when the browser is closed, but stored on the device for a fixed period of time or until you delete them. Every time you visit the Website, the server on which the cookie is installed will recognize permanent cookies stored on your device. We and others use permanent cookies to preserve your preferences in order to ensure their availability at your next visit and to keep a more accurate record of the frequency of your visits to the Website, the frequency of comebacks, possible changes in the use of the Website over time, and the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Advertising cookies allow us and other advertisers to show you the most appropriate products, offers and ads on the Website and third-party websites, or we use e-mail or other messages. For example, some Promotional cookies help our service providers and other advertisers select ads based on your interests, including interests expressed or implied when visiting websites, using online services and applications. Others help prevent the re-emergence of the same advertisement. These types of cookies also help us to provide you with the content of the Website in accordance with your interests and needs.
    As noted below, some Analytical cookies and Other technologies are used partly to facilitate the promotion of advertising.
  • Advertising cookies also include social networking cookies. Social networking cookies are used to share the content of the Website with people who are or aren’t members of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. These cookies are usually set up by the social network provider and provide an uninterrupted exchange of data.
  • Analytical cookies collect information about your use of the Website and allow us to improve its work. These cookies provide us with summary information that we use to track website performance, count page visits, identify technical errors, track visitors’ access to the Website, and measure the effectiveness of advertising (including emails sent to you).
  • Other technologies can be used for the same purposes as cookies, which allows us and third-party companies to know when you visit the Website and understand how you interact with emails or advertising messages. With the help of Other technologies, we get general information (your operating system, the version of your browser, the URL of the website you transferred from), or aggregate information to improve the Website for the convenience of users and learn traffic patterns.

Note that if the information collected with the help of cookies and other technologies is personal, in this case the Privacy Agreement that complements this Regulation applies. Please note that at present we do not respond to signals such as «Do not track», and alike.

Internet advertising and advertising for mobile devices; mobile applications

We, as well as third-party companies, use contextual advertising provided by suppliers for the purposes of advertising and personalizing content, which, in our opinion and the opinion of other advertisers, may be interesting to you. In cases where third-party manufacturers use Cookies or Other technologies to provide these services, Station Hotels does not control the use of this technology or the information received, and is not responsible for any actions or terms of use of such third parties. Advertisements, e-mails and other kinds of messages can be sent by Station Hotels or other service providers according to your actions on the Internet or on mobile devices (on the websites of Station Hotels and other websites), your search queries, your geographical location or other information . For example, if you visit the Website to book a hotel room, you can later see our advertisement when you visit another website. This advertising can appear on our own websites, third-party websites or on mobile platforms. On the Website, other websites or in mobile applications, you can see third-party ads posted there as a result of an analysis of your visits to the Station Hotels website, other sites and mobile applications. We, as well as some of our suppliers, may use aggregated or anonymous personal information, demographic data and other prospective commercial data that are our property or the property of third parties for the delivery of our advertisements to you. In accordance with the Global Privacy Policy, in some cases, we can combine some general information with personal information. If we combine any other information with personal information, in this case the terms of the Global Privacy Policy that complement this Regulation apply.

Cross-device technologies

We and our business partners engage third-party companies to establish deterministic or probabilistic connections between devices (such as smartphones, PC tablets and computers) in order to provide you with more appropriate advertising, as well as for the purposes of advertising analytics and reporting. This means that information about the use of websites or applications on the current Device can be combined with information from other devices. We can also use this information with third-party companies to provide them with the option of sending targeted advertising, personalizing content, or analyzing the nature of visits.

This allows, for example, to display advertisements on your tablet PC based on the actions performed on your smartphone.

These business partners can share and merge information from cookies with identifiers (for example, device identifiers assigned by Google or Apple) and IP addresses to establish a connection between related devices. This also allows you to create a more personalized interface for our services and applications. For example, Station Hotels can (through its suppliers) pair with your devices if you enter the Station Hotels site from several devices or web browsers, or if your devices have similar attributes, which make it possible to conclude that they are being used by the same person or members of one family.

Managing cookies and other technologies

You can also delete cookies from your computer or block them at any time by changing the browser settings (information on how to delete or block cookies is located in the browser’s Help menu). LLC «Stantsiya» is not responsible for the settings of your browser. You can find simple and understandable instructions on how to manage cookies for different types of web browsers, at

You can also find brief information about managing the flash cookies at

Remember that discarding cookies may affect your ability to perform certain operations on the Website, and our ability to recognize your browser when you visit the Website.

You can also monitor cookies tracking by installing a browser extension similar to Ghostery:

If you want to delete all the cookies left by the sites you visited, you can use the links below to download programs for deleting these cookies:

You can learn more about contextual advertising and opt out of using cookies by our suppliers and other advertisers to customize content or advertising by visiting and

Your right to receive information

In accordance with the Federal Law «On Personal Data», the Guest is entitled to receive information about personal stored data, and, if necessary, the right to adjust, block or delete this data.

To access information, ask questions about our privacy policies, change your preferences for receiving promotional materials or file a complaint, please contact us:

In the process of reviewing your personal written request, we guarantee the confidentiality of the information you provide.