Investments in the hotel business

Invest in Station Hotels!

What we have:

  • Seven operating hotels in the centre of St. Petersburg and one hotel under construction (300+ rooms). All hotels are within walking distance of metro stations and key historical and cultural sites);
  • Management company with a staff of 50+ employees;
  • A construction company;
  • ratings of 8.7 and higher;
  • Modern industrial IT security (PMS Edelweiss, 1С Business, iVisa, Elpost, etc.);
  • A single standard of service in all hotels of the chain;
  • Leader in terms of price / quality;

What we do:

  • Construction of any complexity / reconstruction of historic buildings
  • Effective room management;
  • Unified approach and standardisation;
  • Special space planning and efficient use of space;
  • Cost control and management;
  • Economies of scale thanks to the chain (management and sales);
  • Room capacity maximisation / Dynamic price management
  • Daily quality control of the product
  • Reputation management

What we offer:

Investment in new / existing hotels on the following conditions:

  • Minimum investment amount is RUB 10,000,000
  • Minimum profitability for the first year of operation starting at 20% per annum;
  • Maximum payback period of 5 years.

For a more detailed discussion of possible investment options, please contact us at the following number: +7 (921) 963 08 46, or write to us at: or fill out this form:

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