Rules for registration and participation

Rules for registration and participation


The loyalty program «Station Friends & Family» (later referred to as the «Program») was created so that its participants (later referred to as the «Participants») could receive discounts on hotel services and enjoy various privileges (described below) during their stay in the hotels of the «Station Chain” (later referred to as the «Chain») participating in the Program.


Discount: the amount calculated in percents of the price of accommodation available on the official website of the Chain on the date of booking. The amount of the discount depends on the status of the Participant.

Score: the unit received by the Participant in accordance with the established scale based on the results of his or her residence, giving the right to receive Points within a special offer, or promotion of services that gives the right to receive Points. Points are used to pay for the services of the Chain and as a basis for transition from one level of the Program to another.

Bonus: any services received in exchange for Points accumulated on the Participant’s account.

Status: The level of membership, which is assigned according to the number of accumulated Points received by the Participant within a specified period. The status determines the level of the discount for the services of the Chain and the list of privileges received by the Participant in the hotels participating in the Program, as well as the additional schemes for adding points for programs promoting the services that qualify for Points.

Privilege: a service provided to a participant of the Program for free or at a reduced price in accordance with his or her status.

Member: A client who has accepted the General Terms of Use of the Program and has completed the registration procedure as a Member.

The site of the Hotel Chain «Station» (web site): an online resources and, which are the sources of official information about the organization, hotels of the Station hotels Chain and the services provided.

Direct reservation: booking of hotel services for individual use (accommodation in not more than one room), made by phone call via official phone or by sending a written application to the e-mail address published on the website of the Station Hotel Chain, or through the online booking system on site of the Hotel Chain «Station».

Administrator of the Program: employee of the Station Hotels Chain, who is the official source of information about the Program, authorized by the company to carry out actions for registration of Participants in the Program, termination of participation in the Program, as well as informational support for Program Participants.


Hotel-participants of the Program are hotels that operate under the brand name «Station» (Station hotels).


4.1. Membership conditions

A participant of the Program can become any person who is of legal age or has the legal capacity to enter into contracts in accordance with the legislation of the country of residence of the Participant.

Participation in the Program is free of charge.

Participation is confirmed by the Participant’s card, which is provided in plastic card. The card is strictly personal. The card can not be sold, leased or transferred to another person. The card is not a means of payment and does not guarantee a reservation. Each card shows the individual participant identification number. Each Participant can simultaneously own only one card of the Program.

The card can only be used by the Member to whom it was issued for the reservation of accommodation and services exclusively in his or her name and for personal use only.

In order to join the Program, you must have a valid personal email address. Two Participants can not use the same email address. Becoming a Member of the Program, the Client agrees to receive electronic messages about the services of the Program, including information messages, reports on the balance of Bonus Points. If the client no longer desires to receive such messages, which are an integral part of the Program, he or she must demand the exclusion from the Program in accordance with Article 10.1.

The Program participants agree that its conditions can be completely or partially changed at any time. On any changes that can significantly modify the rights and obligations of Participants of the Program, Participants will be notified within a reasonable time before the changes take effect, through publication on the website www. and / or by e-mail. Participants keep the opportunity to cancel their participation in accordance with Article 10.1. Participation in the program after the starting date of changes means that each Participant agrees with all the changes.

4.2. Registration as a member of the Program

The client can join the Program in one of the following ways:

  • at the front desk at the hotel where he lives;
  • by registering as a participant on the website —

The Client needs to provide all necessary and mandatory data requested at the time of registration in the Program.

The New Member undertakes to accept these General Conditions for using the Program when registering either through the Internet or at the hotel, depending on the conditions of registration.

After completing the application form at the reception desk of the hotel and accepting the General Conditions of Use of the Program, the Guest receives a Member Card of the Loyalty Program and the status of Station Regular. Privileges and discounts will be activated starting the next arrival of the Participant.

When completing a questionnaire on the site, the Guest gets the status of Station Regular. Activation of the status of the Participant registered on the website is made within 3 days after the registration.

The Participant receives the Card at the next arrival at any «Station» hotel. Privileges and discounts will be activated starting the next arrival of the Participant.


In order to use the appropriate privileges, the Participant must provide the complete identification data that were specified by him or her at the time of registration: surname, first name, patronymic name, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address each time he or she wants:

  • Book the services of the Chain by calling the customer center, by e-mail, via an online consultant chat
  • Take advantage of any services in the Hotel Chain

The participant must present the card (plastic card) or give the card’s number upon arrival at the hotel.

When booking a room on the site through the online booking system for a discount, a Participant can use a promotional code corresponding to its status in the Program. The promo code is transferred to the Participant upon registration in the Program on a physical or electronic information carrier. If a promotional code is used by a guest who is not a Member of the Program, the reservation will be canceled by the Hotel, the guest will be offered to book a room for the open valid rate.

In the event of loss or theft of the membership card, the Participant must notify the Program Administrator at and receive a new card upon the next arrival to the Station Hotel.


Any violation by the Participant of these General Terms of the Program, any abuse or fraud with respect to the Participant’s card and Points, any false information, any actions that cause harm or damage, as well as misbehavior (especially malicious or abusive behavior towards the hotel staff or clients) may be the basis, at the discretion of the Program Administrator, for the temporary suspension of the Participant’s membership in the Program or for the cancellation of its membership without prior notice and without any compensation, followed by the elimination of points awarded to the participant’s card in accordance with the conditions described in Article 10. Such suspension or cancellation shall not affect the possibility of the Administrator to sue the Participant.


When the Participant stops at one of the Station Hotels for at least one paid night, upon the fact of actual accommodation Bonus Points are accrued on his or her bonus account provided that this accommodation allows for the accumulation of points.

Points to the Participant’s bonus account are added at the rate of 1 point for every 20 rubles spent for accommodation services, additional hotel services provided personally to the Program Participant and guests residing with him in the same room, paid by the Participant independently with cash, a bank card, non-cash way from a personal bank account or a bank transfer from an individual.

Points are awarded only as integers. If, as a result of applying the accrual scale, a fractional number is obtained, the sum of the points awarded is rounded to the nearest whole number in the lower side.

Points are awarded within 1 day after the Participant leaves the hotel and closes the account. The conditions for calculating points are given in Section 8 of these Rules.

Points are not transferable to another person, are strictly individual and cannot be assigned.

Points can be used for full or partial payment of accommodation services at the rate specified by the terms of the Program and the status of the Participant.

Points cannot be used to pay for additional services, fines, compensation for material damage.

Points do not have monetary value; monetary compensation for lost or unused Points is not provided.

The current account balance can be learned by sending a request to with the full name and card number of the participant.

7.1. Booking channels that add Points

Accommodation booked via direct phone or email of the Client Center of the Chain, through online booking system or through an online consultant on the official Web site, allows Participants to accumulate Points.

Accommodation booked through tour companies, tour operators, online travel agents (for example,,, etc.), as well as legal entities, DOES NOT provide Points for accrual.

7.2. Tariffs providing for the accrual of Points

Tariffs providing for the accrual of Points include all public tariffs published on the official website of the Chain, but NOT include the following:

  • Rates for accommodation for group bookings, when the invoice for numbers is issued to the organizer and fully paid by the organizer;
  • Special corporate tariffs offered to corporate clients of the Chain;
  • Tariffs for Station employees;
  • Tariffs for travel agencies, tour operators, online travel agents
  • Promo-tariffs, in the conditions of which it is indicated that points are not accrued during their use.

7.3. Expenses that qualify for the accrual of Points

Only the following expenses entitle you to earn Points, provided that these expenses are paid by the Participant directly residing in the hotel:

  • Accommodation costs of the Participant in the hotel room, including the Guest living in the same room as the Participant.
  • Expenses for additional paid services.

The sum of points is calculated on the basis of the total amount of expenses acquired for the services listed above. The amount of expenses must be actually paid to the hotel in cash, by a bank card or by a non-cash transfer from the Participant’s personal bank account; so the payment must be accepted and confirmed. Therefore, if the Participant does not pay the account in full or in part, in particular, if he / she challenges the payment made on the bank card, the Points will not be accrued to the Participant.

All of the following is not considered an eligible expense:

  • Expenses incurred in the organization of a conference, banquet or any other event, including private events, which are fully paid by the Participant.
  • Expenses incurred to pay for accommodation and additional services in the second and more rooms in which the Participant does not live, even if he pays for these expenses himself.
  • Expenses incurred to pay penalties for non-entry / early departure from the hotel, fines for violation of the Rules of residence in the hotel, as well as compensation for material damage.

7.4. Special offers and promotions

Participants can also accumulate Points with the special offers or promotions provided by the Program. At the same time Points are only earned and accrued due to the compliance of special conditions declared for the Participants and applied to each of these proposals or to each such action.

7.5. Validity of Points

The Points are valid for 730 days from the date of the event, which became the basis for their accrual. The Points accumulated by the Participant shall be extended for 730 days each time the Participant stays in the Station Hotels.

If the Participant does not receive Points for accommodation on direct booking for 730 days in a row, all Points on his or her account, regardless of the source of their delivery, will be lost without prior notice and without the possibility of their recovery or transfer. The participant will automatically be transferred to the Station Regular status.


At any time during its participation in the Program, the Participant may receive a higher Status if the amount of accommodation costs in the hotels of the «Station» chain reaches the threshold indicated in the table below.

Table 1

Status Amount spent on accommodation (RUB.)
Regular 0
Friends 40 000
Family 100 000

In this amount of living expenses, which is taken into account in calculating the overcoming of threshold level, only accommodation costs booked through direct channels (by phone of the contact center of the «Station Chain”, via email, through online chat or online booking system on the site www.station-

The new status is assigned during the next stay after reaching the amount required to go to the next level of the Program.


In addition to the received Points, Program Participants receive discounts and privileges provided by the Status of the Participant.

Attention: all discounts, bonuses and privileges provided by Loyalty Programme are available only for direct reservations (through the online booking system at, by e-mail or by phone published at

Table 2

Station Regular Station Friends Station Family
Starting on the first
visit after registration
in the programme
Accommodation for a
total of RUB 40 000
Accommodation for a
total of RUB 100 000
Discount on accommodation at the rates valid on the date of booking 5% 10% 15%
Discounts on some additional types of services 5% 10% 15%
Special rates and bonuses for Station Friends & Family programme participants V V V
Accumulation of bonus points at the rate of 1 point for every RUB 20 V V V
Priority service on arrival and departure V V V
Early check-in (from 12:00 pm) V V
Late check-out (till 2:00 pm) V V
Free nights (paid for with bonus points at the exchange rate of 1 point for RUB 1) V V
Guaranteed availability of a vacant room on dates that are closed for booking V V
«Favorite room» (providing a specific room or a room with specific amenities) V
Room category upgrade V
Complimentary bathrobes, slippers, cosmetic and hygiene accessories in individual packing V
Compliment from the hotel (chocolate / confectionery / drinks/ etc.) V

Only the Participant — the holder of a loyalty card can receive the discounts and privileges according to his or her status.

Privileges available to Program Participants at all levels:

  • Discount on accommodation — discount, calculated in percentage, from the open rates available on the official website of the Hotel Chain on the date of booking. The discount amount is from 5 to 15% depending on the status of the Participant (see Table 2).For reservations by phone, email or chat online consultant available discounted reservation at rates that have different conditions for cancellation of the reservation.When booking a room on the site with a promotional code, a discount is available for a better rate, which by default is non-refundable. Conditions for cancellation are indicated in the rate description and in the booking confirmation.The discount is not provided for additional meals included in the rate (half board).
  • Discount for some additional services: transfer by the hotel’s own car, laundry, gown rental, umbrella rental, room service (breakfast room service).
  • Special tariffs and promotions for participants of the Program — unique proposals, information about which is distributed exclusively or primarily among the participants of the Program, or for which the Participants of the Program have the right of priority booking.
  • Bonus points addition to the bonus account. For every 20 rubles spent on accommodation services and additional services, 1 point is credited to the Participant’s bonus account.
  • Priority service upon arrival and departure — registration of arrival and issue of a key from the room to the Participant who presented the card, out of turn. Сheck-out of the Participant without queue.

Privileges available to Program Members with Friends and Family status:

  • Early check-in (from 12.00) and late check-out (until 14.00) at no extra charge, subject to availability, namely if the Participant’s number is free and ready by 12.00 on the day of arrival and / or will not be taken on the day of departure. The ability to provide early check-in is confirmed no earlier than on the day of arrival. The possibility of providing late check-out is confirmed no earlier than 11.00 o’clock on the day of departure. In both cases, the possibility of granting the privilege is confirmed by the administrator of the reception service of the Hotel in which the Member lives.
  • Guaranteed availability of rooms closed for booking. The availability of a free room before arrival at the hotel is provided under the following conditions:
    • Reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
    • The guarantee covers only the availability of a free room in one of the hotels within the boundaries of the city, and not of a specific type and / or a particular hotel.
    • The participant must request a guarantee of the availability of the room at the time of booking.
    • The guarantee of the availability of the room is valid only for the room number in which the Member will live, and does not cover the remaining room requested by the Participant.
    • In case the hotel does not comply with the aforementioned guarantee, it undertakes to move the Participant to another hotel of the Chain or to a hotel of a similar category.
    • The availability of a room may not apply to certain dates.
  • Free nights. Possibility of full or partial payment of accommodation in any of the hotels of the Chain with accumulated points at the rate provided by the status of the Participant. For payment by points, the following services are available: accommodation, guaranteed early check-in and late check-out, extra bed. In order to take advantage of the privilege, it is necessary to indicate the appropriate intention when booking or upon arrival.

Privileges available to Program Members with the Family status:

  • «Favorite room». Priority provision to the Participant of a particular room in the Hotel Chain or rooms with certain characteristics (floor, view from the window, type of beds, etc.). The privilege is granted if there is a physical possibility — a particular room or room with the required characteristics is available for the requested dates. In order to take advantage of the privilege, the Participant must indicate the desired room number or characteristics when booking and receive confirmation from the reservation service officer and / or reception administrator.
  • Category upgrade. Providing a room of a higher category (compared to the booked room) at no additional cost. Privilege is granted if there is a physical possibility, namely availability of a higher category room in the hotel where the Participant resides. The possibility of granting a privilege is confirmed by the administrator of the reception and accommodation service at the time of arrival of the Participant.
  • Free provision of a set of cosmetic, hygienic supplies and slippers in individual packaging, as well as a bathrobe for temporary use to the Participant and Guest / Guests staying with the Participant in the same room (once per check-in).
  • Compliments from the hotel (chocolate, confectionery, drinks or otherwise at the discretion of the hotel) are provided on the day of arrival of the Participant.

More detailed information on such privileges can be found in the corresponding section on the websites of the Chain and


10.1 Cancellation of participation by the Participant

A participant can terminate his or her participation in the Program at any time. To do this, it is necessary to send a request to the Administrator of the Program at

10.2. Suspension or cancellation of participation by the Program Administrator

Any use of the Program card that does not comply with these General Terms of Participation in the Program may, at the discretion of the Program Administrator, be grounds for the cancellation of membership, which implies the immediate cancellation of the card, privileges and bonuses, the liquidation of all accumulated Points without the right of the Participant to claim any compensation.

10.3. Consequences of cancellation of participation

In any cases of cancellation of participation, the termination of participation in the Program implies the complete removal of the Participant from the Program and the termination of any relationship between the Administrator and the Participant. This will also result in the removal of all Points accumulated on the date of such cancellation.


The participant can get acquainted with all the information related to his participation in the Program on the site

Any Participant who has joined the Program agrees to receive by e-mail commercial information from the Program, including information on promotions available only to Participants.

The Participant should notify about the change of his or her e-mail address, telephone number, full name or other information that may be required for communication with the Participant and for identifying the Participant, by sending the appropriate information to the Administrator of the Program at


All personal data of the Participant is processed by the company «Station», which will be the Controller of such data within the administration and management of the Program (joining the Program, claims). These data are intended for the Chain, as well as its trading partners and contractors (service providers, partners, etc.). Protection of such data is provided in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal data.


Entry into the Program implies the total acceptance by the Participants of the General Conditions of Participation in the Program. These General Terms of Use of the Program shall prevail over any previous documents.